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Ge Chunru hurriedly went to support Mdm Wang.

“Sister-in-law, I dont blame you.

You all have misunderstood me.”

Mdm Wang avoided her hand.

“Mdm General, I know you dont like us.

“The people in our village are straightforward.

If you dont want us to continue staying in the generals manor, just say it.

“Well immediately pack up our bags and beg our way to return to the village.”

After watching many scenes between Old Lady Xiao and Mdm Wu and taking Shi Qingluos advice, Mdm Wangs acting skills also improved tremendously.

Ge Chunru was really going crazy.

What was going on today How did even the dumbest Mdm Wang become smarter

She really couldnt move Mdm Wang from her kneeling position.

She had no choice but to run and kneel down in front of Old Lady Xiao.

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“Mother, youre really killing me.

When you came to the capital, I woke up early every morning and slept very late…”

She wanted to share everything on how Old Lady Xiao had asked her to serve her since she came to the generals manor.

But before she could finish, Old Lady Xiao suddenly burst into tears.

“Youre the one whos killing me.

Youre the wife of the general, and Im just an old lady in the village.

How can I make you kneel

“If I allow you to kneel in front of me, we wont stay in the generals manor anymore, alright

“My only wish is that you wont let your brother kill my sons and grandsons.”

She wasnt stupid.

The moment she heard what the vixen said, she knew that she wanted to share about how she served her.

How could she let her continue

Hence, she used Shi Qingluos teachings, which were even more phoney than Ge Chunrus.

Old Lady Xiao did not like crying as her wild card, but after coming here, she realised that crying was really a good way to counter attack.

She forcefully interrupted her words.

Ge Chunru really wanted to vomit blood.

At this moment, Ge Chunru wished that she could immediately kill these people.

She did not know how to change the current situation as they were using tactics that she was previously proficient in.

Shi Qingluo had seen many phoney-related TV dramas and novels in the past.

Therefore, she specifically taught Old Lady Xiao and others to transform themselves in their own phonies, so that the true phoney had no way out.


As expected, the effect was unexpectedly good.

At this moment, they heard the horse hooving.

Xiao Yuanshi was rushing back on his horse.

He saw many people surrounding the entrance of the generals manor.

His heart skipped a beat, and he had a particularly bad premonition.

He dismounted from his horse and walked in.

He saw his petite wife kneeling beside Old Lady Xiao with a red and swollen face.

Old Lady Xiao cried and begged his petite wife with a sad face.

He instantly felt a headache.

What was going on this time

Ever since his parents and the others came to the capital, he had never lived in peace.

He was afraid that they would do something evil and embarrassed him.

He only went out to the countryside to do some work.

How did it end up like this

He was also a smart and rational person.

Although he loved his little wife very much and wanted to hug and comfort her, his anger toward his mother wasnt trival, but he remained calm and did not take action.

Instead, he walked over and assisted Old Lady Xiao.

With a concerned look, he asked, “Mother, what happened

“Did Chunru do something wrong Ill punish her properly when I go back.”

These words immediately attempt to reduce major issues to minor ones and minor issues to naught.

Others also felt that he was filial.

Old Lady Xiao was forcefully assisted to stand up, and she could not break free her arm from her second sons grip.

When she raised her head, she saw her son looking at her with a warning gaze.

Old Lady Xiao had always been the domineering one.

Now, she felt especially wronged.

They were the victims of this bullying, and that little rascal even beat her sons and grandsons.

Her son actually warned her instead.

Hence, she suddenly thought of what Shi Qingluo said.

In General Xiaos manor, they were the outsiders, while hee and his petite wife were the owners of this house.

As his mother, she was less important than his petite wifes finger.

Previously, she had felt that Shi Qingluo was instigating them and had said it too harshly.

Now, she suddenly felt that it made sense.

Her bastard son was not a human.

Old Lady Xiao was really hurt that her son was treating her like this.

She was filled with grief.

“My son, your wife wasnt wrong.

Its all my fault.

“We shouldnt have sold our houses and lands to come to the capital to see you just because we missed you.

“We wont be an eyesore in the generals manor in the future.

Well go back to our hometown today.

“You dont have to care.

Well just beg and return to the village.

“We wont come to the capital to disturb you and your wife anymore.”

According to Shi Qingluos teachings, after saying this in public, her bastard son should beg them to stay.

As expected, Xiao Yuanshis expression changed.

His mother was too vicious.

Her words seemed to be putting themselves in their shoes, but it also implied that they were unfilial.

If they really returned to the village, others would definitely scold him to death behind his back.

He would definitely need to report to the justice court tomorrow.

“Mother, dont say such words in a fit of anger.

I was already prepared to bring you and father to the capital and support you.

How could I possibly let you return to the village”

Old Lady Xiao was so detestable.

Every time she brought up selling their house and land to visit him, how would the public view him

“Lets go back and discuss this.

If Chunru did anything wrong, I will personally teach her.”

He had a guilty look on his face.

“Mother, I have been too busy recently.

Thats why I havent been taking care of our family.”

He then coaxed her, “Lets go home.

Ill definitely give you and father a lot of respect and support.”

At this moment, he had no choice but to coax them back.

Moreover, his previous plan was postponed.

He couldnt send these people back in a short period of time.

Otherwise, he would be labelled as unfilial.

Ge Chunru immediately cried and said, “Mother, youve really misunderstood me.

“Yuanshi and I will definitely be filial to you and father in the future.”

Old Lady Xiao had said everything she wanted.

It was useless for her to say anything now.

It was better to coax them back first and then think of a way to patch up their reputation.

Old Lady Xiao actually wanted to make a scene, but Shi Qingluo wrote a letter to remind her to be careful and know where to stop messing around after achieving the intended outcome.

They shouldnt go too far in one go, or else they will really drive these two into a corner.

General Xiao and his wife had no choice but to give up on their reputation, and itll be troublesome if they send them back.

Hence, Old Lady Xiao sighed with a deep sense of helplessness.

“Alright, lets go back to the manor first.

“Well discuss how we are returning to the village later.

“We really dont want to stay in the generals manor.

We just miss you.

“Since weve seen you now, we should go back to the village if we cant sustain a living.” She even deliberately said those motherly words.

At this moment, Xiao Yuanshis heart had a special breakdown.

He suddenly felt that his mother was acting like a stranger.

She should not be behaving like this.

Why did she change from being stupid and poisonous to being so good at acting

He really could not understand.

Why did these people become so smart and scheming when they came to the capital

At this moment, he could not be bothered to probe further.

“Mother, please dont put us in a difficult position.

“I will not let you and father return to the village to suffer.

You can live in the generals manor in peace.”

Then, he sullenly said something that went against his heart.

“I still need you and father to help keep an eye on the generals manor.”

Old Lady Xiao reluctantly said, “Sigh, youre too kind.

Then well stay here for a while longer and help keep an eye on the generals manor for you.

Im really worried.”

She added, “Otherwise, you wont even know if theres a thief.”

It would be fine if she didnt mention this, but since she did Xiao Yuanshi felt like killing someone.

He had previously received news that his family had gone to the capital magistrates yamen to report a case of theft in the generals manor.

There had been quite a number of people keeping an eye on him recently, and this was definitely putting him at a disadvantage.

These selfish fools were taking the lead to ruin his reputation.

But he couldnt say anything in public, so he could only continue to coax them.

“Yes, so I still need your help to look after it.”

Why werent they killed by the mountain bandits on the way here

If he knew that these people had secretly gone to the capital and encountered the mountain bandits, he would have let his men pretend to be mountain bandits and kill them all so that they wouldnt come to the capital to harm him.

Old Lady Xiao always felt that this son of hers may say something pleasant, but with hidden malice.

On the surface, she still gave a loving expression.

“Sigh, then Ill help you look after them for a period of time.”

But in her heart, she snorted coldly.

This bastard wanted to get rid of them, so now it depended on who was more ruthless.

Seeing that they would do something even more ruthless tomorrow, she had to suppress that little hoof and her little bastard brother.

Otherwise, when that little bastard grew up, it would be troublesome if he decided to take revenge on them.

Shi Qingluo had told them to eradicate the roots of the problem.

Not to kill them, but to destroy their future.

Otherwise, it would lead them into endless trouble.

Previously, she had not taken these words seriously.

Now, looking at the little bastard wolfs eyes, she felt that she was absolutely right.


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