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The marriage reception went on smoothly.

No one from the Shi family made things difficult for them.

The eldest son of Chief Xiao and others even sensed that the Shi family were feeling more relieved.

However, everyone from the Shi family had ugly expressions on their faces.

Her scumbag father and others moved all the boxes and books Shi Qingluo had brought back from the Taoist temple to the ox-cart for the marriage.

With a threatening look from Shi Qingluo, they threw the five bags of grain onto the ox-cart with a gloomy face.

Third Son Shi looked at Shi Qingluo and said coldly, “It was your decision to marry.

Dont come back crying in the future.”

They couldnt even receive a few taels of silver as betrothal gifts.

They have really raised this daughter in vain.

The key point was that they had never suffered such a great loss before.

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was all their biological daughters fault.

Shi Qingluo gave her a big smile.

“Dont worry, I wont come back here again.”


“Im just afraid that you guys will come crying to me in the future,” she added.

Third Son Shi snorted coldly.

“In your dream.”

Shi Qingluo curled her lips.

She felt that there would definitely be such a day.

To the Shi family, in light of greater benefits, face was nothing.

She spoke her mind.

“But even if you cry and beg me, I wont pay any attention to you.”

She had plenty of ways to deal with these troublemakers.

Third Son Shi and the others were annoyed.

“Well just wait and see how you make us cry and how long you can be arrogant.”

Fourth Son Shi added, “Youll pay for your own karma.”

Shi Qingluo raised her eyebrows.

“You mean the Wu family wants to take revenge on me”

Fourth Son Shi muttered, when did this niece become so smart

Or was it because she just came back from the Taoist temple and was pretending to be someone better

“Looks like you know something.”

When Shi Qingluo saw his expression, she knew that this scum was still in contact with the Wu family.

Then, she recalled that the woodshed she stayed in had been rummaged through when she came out the past two days.

She asked teasingly, “Is the Wu family targeting the little black balls that my master gave me”

Fourth Son Shis expression changed slightly and quickly returned to normal.

“I dont know what youre talking about.”

Shi Qingluo curled her lips.

“As expected, but Im just afraid that they dont have the fate to be concerned about it.”

Since the Wu family was a wealthy merchant in the county, the head of the family wouldnt be an idiot, especially since they had established contacts with the magistrate.

She had used the earth bomb to threaten the troublemakers of the Shi family, as well as the Wu familys old granny and many others.

The head of the Wu family would naturally think that this thing could also be used in other areas, such as in a war.

If the Wu Family had such things, then they would be even more successful.

Of course, because only old granny and those who came along saw it, the head of the Wu Family was still uncertain and decided to get Fourth Son Shi to steal it.

However, she was already prepared and had transferred all of them into her space, so she was not afraid of the Wu familys doings.


She waved at her scumbag father and the rest.

“Alright, then well meet again!”


The Shi family members wondered, who wants to meet you again.

They did not want to see that wretched lass again.

Old Master Shi waved his hand with a face full of frustration.

“Go, go.”

Shi Qingluo carried a small bag and turned around to leave the Shis residence without any hesitation.

Seeing this, Old Master Shi and the others could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

This jinx had finally left.

Old Lady Shi and the other female members from Mdm Nius family did not come out to send Shi Qingluo off.

This meant that they did not like Shi Qingluo.

Shi Qingluo did not care about this at all.

Instead, she felt that it would be better if they did not come out to be an eyesore.

After she walked out of the door, she smiled and greeted the eldest son of Chief Xiao and others.

Xiao Erlangs face was full of smiles.

“Sister-in-law, Ive come to fetch you on behalf of my brother!”

Shi Qingluo smiled and reached out to pat his shoulder.

“Then lets go!”

When the eldest son of Chief Xiao and others saw that no one from the Shi family came out to send the bride off, they felt a little strange.

When Shi Qingluo saw this, she smiled and said, “They couldnt bear to part with me.

They were afraid that they wouldnt be able to hold back their tears when they came out to send me off, so I told them not to come out.”


The members of the Shi family who were standing in the courtyard remained silent.

Who couldnt bear to part with you Shameless brat.


The chiefs son guessed that the Shi family probably didnt want their daughter to chongxi, but they couldnt object to Shi Qingluos request.


No wonder that when they met just now, their expressions didnt look like they were marrying their daughter off.

Instead, they looked as if someone had died in their family.

He smiled sheepishly.

“Hop on the ox-cart.”

This was their familys ox-cart.

His father had asked him to drive it to pick them up.

Initially, they had thought that the Shi family would be difficult to deal with before they could pick their bride up.

They had not expected it to go so smoothly.

Shi Qingluo did not argue and took the initiative to hop on the ox-cart and sit properly.

“Sorry for troubling you!”

Then, the group headed towards Xiaxi village.

In countryside marriages, most women were very poor and would wear their usual clothes and follow their husbands family back.

Only the rich and powerful families could marry their daughters with a phoenix coronet and a wedding gown.

They would wear a red veil and sit in a palanquin.

Shi Qingluo sat on the ox-cart and leisurely watched the scenery along the way.

She sighed silently.

She didnt expect that she would be married off in ancient times when she didnt even get married in the modern era.

When they arrived at the Xiao familys courtyard, Shi Qingluo nimbly jumped off the ox-cart.

Mother Xiao and Xiao Baili were already waiting at the door.

When she saw that they had arrived, Mother Xiao took the initiative to go forward and shake Shi Qingluos hand.

“Qingluo, Zhenger hasnt woken up yet.


“In a while, you two will attend the marriage ceremony.

Erlang will take his clothes and pay his respects to you.”

“After Zhenger wakes up, you two will do it again one more time.

“It must be hard on you!”

Shi Qingluo smiled.

“Its fine.”

It was good that Erleng was doing it on behalf of his brother.

If Xiao Hanzheng woke up and couldnt get along with her, it would be easier for them to part ways in the future.

After all, they hadnt attended the official ceremony before.

Those who had a good relationship with Mother Xiao, and those who helped their family after they separated from their extended family members were all invited.

Including the chief and elders, there filled up three tables.

Mother Xiao led Shi Qingluo into the main house.

Under the witness of these people, she and Xiao Hanzhengs clothes bowed at the hall.

Then, they went into Xiao Hanzhengs room.

After entering the room, Shi Qingluo put down the small bundle and walked to the bedside to look at her husband who was still unconscious.

She reached out to touch his forehead.

It was no longer hot.

After withdrawing her hand, she frowned slightly.

“The fever has already subsided.

Why isnt he awake yet”

Something was not right.

Then, she lifted the blanket and rolled up his pants.

There were a few scars on his calves and thighs that were not too deep.

They were scabbed and the wounds were treated well.

There were no signs of inflammation or swelling.

She reached out and touched his legs.

“The bones are not broken.”

She wanted to see if there were any other hidden injuries on Xiao Hanzhengs body.

After touching his legs, she took off his clothes to check if there were any injuries on his upper body.

She lowered her head to examine him carefully.

She did not notice that the person who was originally unconscious moved his fingers slightly, and his body even stiffened.

He struggled to wake up, but he could not open his eyes.

To Shi Qingluo, there werent any thoughts that were distracting her mind, but to someone else, it was different…


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